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Bouldering in Solalex, Then and Now

The LAS Alpine Club recently took students “bouldering” in the nearby valley of Solalex. The trip was especially memorable for LAS Alpine Institute director John Harlin because they climbed the same boulder that he’d climbed 52 years earlier, in 1964. See these photos separated by half a century. John (then “Johnny”) was leading his sister and friends up the rock in 1964. The friends were children of Sid Eder, who taught at LAS with Johnny’s parents. The contemporary photo shows how much the trees have grown in. The youngsters are all LAS students and children of today’s faculty. As you can see from the photos, “bouldering” is climbing on small rocks where ropes are not needed for safety.

Me leading my sister up a Solalex boulder in 1964:

Solalex boulder in 1964

The same boulder in 2016, with LAS students climbing the same face my sister and I climbed in 1964. Note the forest that has grown up since the 1960s:

Solalex boulder in 2016.

More photos from 2016 (click the image to view a gallery):

Click on the image for a gallery of photos.

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