Wildlife Photos from Bois de Prafandaz

We were recently reviewing photos of our furry friends in the forest on our Bois de Prafandaz LETS site (1660m) and came across this interesting series. We experienced a freak snowstorm in early November, as you’ll see in the photos below. There was no snow on 5 November and none again on 26 November, but in between if fell deep and melted fast. The snow was completely gone from Bois de Prafandaz (BPFP) by the time the squirrel popped by on 26th November. These images are all viewable on iNaturalist: navigate to the clump of data right above Prafandaz as seen in this link to iNaturalist data from the Leysin region.

Google Drive folders of Camera Trap photos from LETS plots can be viewed by LAS accounts here.

Note the lack of snow on 5 November 2016. (BPFP deer 5Nov2016-11050056)

Lots of snow on 10 November. (BPFP deer 10Nov2016-11100070)

Snow is melting away on 20 November. This is a red fox. (BPFP fox 20Nov2016-11200112)

Snow is completely gone by 26 November. Note the black squirrel. BPFP deer 10Nov2016-11100070

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