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Cabane Fenestral – Dent de Morcles International Award Practice Journey Ski Tour

Clack go the bindings. Rrrip go the skins. Flip goes the stomach. We’ve just torn the “skins” from our skis (used for hiking uphill) and we’re now ready to point our tips down the mountain. But wait a minute: This looks steep. The powder is deep. What about avalanches? We trust that our mountain guide knows what she’s doing. The first practice day for the LAS International Award Gold team took us far above the ski lifts to one of Switzerland’s most spectacular mountain huts. Out the window we see the sun set and then–next morning–rise on Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. Way too early on Sunday, we are already huffing and puffing ever higher up the mountain. Half our team continues to the summit of the Dent de Morcles, one of Leysin’s most awe-inspiring skyline peaks. The other half opts for off-piste powder skiing–turn after turn after incredible turn. This adventure was for International Award Gold Award candidates. Watch the calendar for another ski adventure this winter that will be offered to everyone who takes the LAS avalanche safety course.

Click the image below to see a gallery of photos from our ski tour.

Click the image to see a gallery of photos from our ski touring trip.


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