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Globe Day 2018 coming soon!

Globe Day is coming soon! On Friday, March 16 some 250 students and teachers from LAS, other schools around Switzerland, and scientists and educators from around Europe will gather in the MMAC for a student-centered science and global issues and solutions conference.  

Through the 9th and 10th grade Globe projects LAS students have gotten a chance to really “live” the school vision of developing citizens of the world. For this interdisciplinary project groups of 3-5 students were tasked with identifying and understanding a pressing global issue well enough to develop workable solutions and then to present their ideas at Globe Day.

By developing workable solutions to important global issues such as human overpopulation, non-renewable resources, the rise of robots, global warming, and many others, LAS students are getting a chance to apply what they know to a real world challenge and chart the future they would like to see.  


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