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Post Globe Day 2018 update

Globe Day 2018 was our fourth annual student conference of posters and presentations. Over the course of the winter students in 9th and 10th grades worked in teams on independent projects that tackled big problems with big solutions. The idea was to imagine a global challenge, such as population growth, diminishing resources, or plastics pollution, and then fashion a business, an NGO (non-profit), or a government-based solution.

During Globe Day the students “pitched” their project to their peers and to visiting scholars in a professional setting.

The conference launched in the morning with a keynote talk from Mary Ford, director of education for the National Geographic Society, and closed in the afternoon with a keynote from Margaret Gold of the Museum of Natural History in London.

In addition to four visiting schools, we were treated this year to an overlapping “workshop” on citizen science in education from the EU’s European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST) organization. This event drew to LAS 30 teachers and researchers from universities and schools around Europe, from Estonia to Scotland, Finland to Italy–14 countries in all. You’ll find the complete workshop, including all of its public talks, posted here.

It’s easy to say that 2018 was the biggest and best Globe Day yet. Join us next year for the fifth annual!

Click the photo to see a gallery of pictures from Globe Day 2018.


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