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International Award Adventurous Journey Practice and Dents du Midi ascent

This was an exceptionally busy weekend for the Alpine Club, with two separate overnight trips into the mountains: one camping and the other staying in a hut and climbing to the summit of our most iconic Skyline Peak. The camping trip was for the International Award, with 29 students loading up backpacks with everything needed for wilderness camping, including tents, sleeping bags, pots and stoves, and food. We loaded up our bags and learned about backcountry navigation as we hiked to the Plan Falcon, where rain greeted us as we were putting up tents. But a campfire and a ukulele played by several students kept our spirits high, as did the sun breaking through the next morning.

As to our iconic Skyline Peak, that’s obviously the Dents du Midi, our most beloved mountain, which LAS students have been climbing for well over a decade. The rain that bedeviled the International Award hike cleared up by the time DDM hiking started, and sunshine accompanied us to the spectacular summit, where we could clearly see back to Leysin. Now safely home, we love looking back at the Dents du Midi and remembering what an amazing trip we just had.

Click the image below to view photos of our Practice Journey to Plan Falcon:

Click the image to view photos of our September Practice Journey.

Click the image below to view photos from the Dents du Midi climb:


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