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The Duke of Edinburgh’s “International Award” is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences, life skills, and fun. It operates in over 140 countries and has involved more than 8 million young people. Universities and employers look favorably on Bronze, Silver, or Gold International Awards because they demonstrate a student’s commitment to goal setting and achievement.

In service of Leysin American School’s mission of “Developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world,” LAS was proud to introduce the International Award in 2014. Most of your effort toward the International Award can be accomplished through your existing activities, though some additional time will be needed for the Adventurous Journey and possibly for Service.

What is involved?

The Award is voluntary, non-competitive, enjoyable, and requires effort over time. As a student, you’ll design your own Award program, set your own goals, and record your own progress. You choose Service, Physical Recreation, Skills activities, go on an Adventurous Journey, and—to achieve a Gold Award—take part in a residential project away from home or school.

Why do an Award?

First, you should think it’s fun to set goals, work towards them, and go on adventurous journeys. It’s also something that looks great on a college application. Universities love to know that you like to accomplish big things. Here’s a short article on “10 Reasons to Choose DofE” (“Duke of Edinburgh”, or DofE, is essentially the same as “International Award”).

Why join the International Award at LAS? Introductory slideshow:
(LAS staff and students can view the slideshow directly on Google Slides. Click here.)

This short promotional video is aimed primarily at Award Leaders.

This 8-minute promotional visit is aimed primarily at students.

Proud to deliver the International Award

Proud to deliver the International Award

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