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Measuring snow depth in the Beau Reveil Forest.

Looking for International Award “service” credit? Do you like camping gear, the outdoors, or science? Then please consider joining the Alpine Institute Volunteers.

There are many ways to participate. Sometimes the Alpine Institute needs help with organizing or putting away camping gear. Sometimes we need help with preparing LETS Day and GLOBE Day. Sometimes we’d just like you to do cool stuff that might interest you, like decorating our Alpine Clubroom with posters, adding trip info to the website, creating an “Alpine Journal” to share, making movies, planting native gardens, leading refugees on hikes….

You can pick what interests you and do it on your own time with friends or by yourself.

There are times when we need your help right now. For example, drying, sorting, and putting away gear after International Award camping trips and before LETS Day. At other times you can pick the activity and the timing to suit your needs. These require self direction, but adults will support you as needed.

Interested? Please contact John Harlin at jharlin [at]

Here are some of the things you might do as an Alpine Institute Volunteer. If there’s something else you think fits, talk to your Award Leader or Mr. Harlin:

Alpine Club Headquarters (the “clubroom”):
Decorate it to look more like a mountain hut, including posters and … you decide.

We need to put more information online about local trips and Swiss mountain culture. Learn Weebly or Wix and build a website from scratch. We’ll put the best of it on the Alpine Institute website, too (in WordPress).

Make videos or slideshows about trips and events (Alpine Club, International Award, LETS)
Write blogs for the website about your experiences or interests

Advertising / promotion:
Make posters for Alpine Club trips
Put up posters around campus

Trail maintenance:
Trail repair
Picking up litter on trails
Make interpretive signs to put on trails

Citizen science at LAS:
Assist with setting up LETS Day
Record snow depth (winter) and phenology (fall and spring)
Make interpretive signs for the local forests
Install and monitor bee hotels, bird feeding stations, and bird houses
Install and monitor camera traps for wild animals

Alpine Garden:
Set up an alpine garden for indigenous plants

Climbing wall:
Climbing wall setup, cleanup, coaching students

Leading people on hikes:
Leading refugees on local hikes
Co-leading outings (bicycling, hiking, etc) for younger kids

Something else:
Have a great idea for something that supports students getting outside? Please let us know!



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