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Citizen Science + Education:

Challenges and successes in engaging citizen scientists to observe snow cover: from public engagement to an educational collaboration
Susan E. Dickerson-Lange, Karla Bradley Eitel, Leslie Dorsey, Timothy E. Link and Jessica D. Lundquist
JComm: Journal of Science Communication 15(01)(2016)A01 

“We engaged citizen scientists to collect observations of the timing of distributed snow disappearance over three snow seasons across the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. … Whereas the outreach efforts garnered abundant enthusiasm and publicity, the resulting datasets were sparse. In contrast, direct collaboration with an outdoor science school that was already sending students to make weekly snow observations proved fruitful in both data collection and educational outreach.”

This article is full of information that is useful for building CS in schools.

Citizen Science without specific “education” component:

Articles will be uploaded soon.

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