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Looking across the southern “Leysin Skyline Peak Challenge” from campus.

For GDPR compliance, all photos of students have been deleted from this website.

This website’s content is being migrated to a constellation of new Alpine Institute websites that are currently only visible to LAS staff and students: Alpine Institute Hub, Outings, International Award, LETS Observe, Globe Day, Edge, Citizen Science in Learning & Education, and our YouTube channel.

In due time the current website will close.

For a few years of their lives, students at the Leysin American School live in one of the most spectacular places on earth. Our goal at the LAS Alpine Institute is for them to connect with their local mountain environment as deeply as possible.

As a center for mountain science, sport, environment, and culture, the Institute works with teachers across the curriculum to build a deep understanding and passion for the mountain landscape and culture of our Swiss home.



The Alpine Institute Blog

Below you’ll find blog entries from Alpine Club outings, International Award adventurous journeys, and citizen science programs at LAS.


Adventurous Journey Video

Here is a short (90-second) video from our just-completed Qualifying Journey, the second “Adventurous Journey” taken for each level of the International Award. These are Bronze- and Silver-level students undertaking a two- or three-day backpacking adventure depending on their Award levels. We left Leysin on foot, then hiked completely around the prominent peaks above Leysin for […]

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Podcast about GLOBE Day 2017 from swissinfo did a marvelous job of profiling GLOBE Day last March, including interviews with students Hermann, Jiahua, and Alex, as well as Dan Patton, John Francis, Chris McOwen, and myself. It’s a delightful 11-minute listen. Swiss news in 10 languages PODCAST: A new kind of school science fair By Celia Luterbacher in Leysin SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES […]

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Caving with the Middle School

Last weekend LAS Middle School students discovered their local mountains from the inside out. These limestone hills are riddled with caves–you might say it’s like Swiss cheese set in stone. We hiked from Les Fers (a favorite winter ski hangout) uphill to a couple of short caverns. In the first one we could stand up […]

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In Memoriam: Royal Robbins

In Memoriam: Royal Robbins, LAS faculty 1965-1967 When Royal Robbins came to teach sports at LAS in 1965, he was arguably the best rock climber in the world. His pioneering ascents on the 1,000-meter big walls of Yosemite, California, could never be surpassed. To be sure, harder routes have been done since. But Robbins broke […]

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Ski touring overnight to the Brunet Hut

Last weekend the Alpine Club thrilled to the first-ever LAS ski touring adventure. We left in a storm, reaching the hut with the wind howling and fresh snow falling. The next morning dawned bright and clear and struck up the day’s tour as the sun first hit Cabane Marcel Brunet. The photos speak for themselves […]

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Keynote Speakers GLOBE Day 2017

This upcoming GLOBE Day should be our best ever! Here are speakers you can look forward to: All speakers will address their work with citizen science and education. John Francis portrait by Winn Brewer. John Francis, PhD, recently retired from the National Geographic Society, where he was Vice President for Research, Conservation, and Exploration. He directed […]

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