Deer at Bois de Prafandaz Forest Plot (BPFP) on 10 November 2016.

Enjoy select wildlife photos from LETS camera traps here. Google Drive folders of camera trap photos from LETS plots can be viewed by LAS accounts here.

Below you’ll find links to photos from Alpine Club and International Award trips, plus Mountaineering and Outdoor Activities, LETS days, GLOBE Day, and more from various Alpine Institute programs at LAS.

One-minute video of International Award Adventurous Journey October 2017.

Finhaut Bridge Swing 5 November 2017

International Award Adventurous Journey 27-29 Oct 2017

Grindelwald Middle School Cultural Trip Oct 2017

International Award Adventurous Journey Practice Sept 2017

Dents du Midi climb September 2017

Caving and Climbing September 2017

Diablerets Climb September 2017

Middle School Excursion to Gentiana Garden September 2017

Gummfluh Ascent September 2017 Staff Scout (selects)

Alpine Club Highlights from 2016-17 school year

Mountaineering Activity Spring 2017 (selects)

Mountaineering Activity Autumn 2016 (selects)

Citizen Science at LAS including LETS Day (selects)

GLOBE Day 2017

Caving with the Middle School April 2017 (selects)

Ski Tour to Brunet Hut March 2017 (selects)

Solacyre Snow Camping February 2017 (selects)

Ice Climbing Arolla February 2017 (selects)

Ice Climbing Tsanfleuron Cave Glacier 3000 November 2016 (selects)

Saillon Middle School Hike October 2016 (selects)

Adventure Park in Aigle Middle School October 2016 (selects)

Diablerets Climb September 2016

International Award Adventurous Journey September 2016 (selects)

International Award Practice Journey + Pic Chaussy September 2016 (selects)

Bouldering at Solalex October 2016 (selects)

Grand Muveran Teacher Scout September 2016 (selects)

Pernet Cave Teacher Scout August 2016 (selects)

Berneuse Challenge August 2016 (selects)

Bouldering at Plex April 2016

Tour d’Ai via ferrata 2015 (selects)

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