LAS students and teachers resources

Conditions (weather, snow, avalanche)

Weather and other mountain conditions:

MeteoBlue Leysin weather  (navigate to any peak or other location in Switzerland and beyond)

ROMMA: Réseau d’Observation Météo du Massif Alpin

LAS Weather Station current conditions (on top of Beau Reveil building)

Weather Underground Leysin (based on our Beau Reveil station)

Meteo Suisse (for the 0-degree level and snow line, click “Temperature”)

WSL Institute for Research of Snow and Avalanches

Avalanche Bulletins from SLF (use menu for “Avalanche bulletins” and “Snow information”)



La Chamoniarde: Chamonix-area current conditions, Chamonix-area weather, webcams, bulletins
Société de Prévention et de Secours en Montagne

Mountain conditions (for peaks above Chamonix)


European Avalanche Warning Services EAWS


White Risk


Guichet cartographique cantonal

Guichet cartographique cantonal Leysin hazards: Avalanches (slide the Orthophoto scale left to see it with satellite image background)

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