LAS students and teachers resources

Signups & planning (Alpine Club + International Award)

These links are to Google Docs and Sheets that are exclusively viewable by people within the LAS organization.

Staff signups for Alpine Club / International Award (2018-19).

Student Alpine Club Trip signups. Scroll down to view the most recent trips (including future trips).

IntAward Tracking Adventurous Journeys. This is for Adventurous Journeys only.

Student International Award participants list. This is for Award Leaders (faculty) to check on their students.

Trip planning spreadsheet (admin). This document is for involved faculty to help with planning trips that will later be promoted on the Events page and elsewhere.

Adventurous Journey destinations and planning folder in Drive. This should be where everything is stored for planning trips. In reality, there are also other folder(s) that things need to be consolidated from.

Complete Drive folder for Calendars AC / IA + Signup sheets. This is for staff admin only.

Risk Assessment form (template-basic).

Risk Assessment form (template-mountain).

Risk Assessment forms folder in Drive.

Guides used by LAS Alpine Club.


Staff signups for Alpine Club trips (2017 fall).

Staff signups for International Award trips (2017-18).

International Award participant surveys (2016-17 only). These are responses to Google Forms asking about students’ interest in continuing their Awards.

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