LAS students and teachers resources

Resources for LAS citizen science

Note: Most of these resources are in Google Drive and/or only available to LAS accounts. If you’re not with LAS but would like to see these resources, please write and we will be glad to help when possible.

LETS Study Leysin (including the Group 4 Project):

LETS Day on Google Sites – where all protocols and information for LETS Day is stored.

LETS Study Leysin complete folder in Drive.

Weather around Leysin:

The Drive folder. The Google Doc with links to weather stations, data, etc.

Miscellaneous field science resources for LAS projects:

TOC to LAS citizen science docs online

Citizen Science resources

Glacier studies resources

Anthills – LETS shared photo album

Ant studies resources

Bee hotel resources

Timelapse Reconstruction from Internet Photos (Univ. of Washington project)

Practical Biology Practical Biology from Nuffield Foundation: A collection of experiments that demonstrate biological concepts and processes.

Potential tools for LAS projects:

PocketLab Voyager, PocketLab Weather, and PocketLab One connect with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly stream data that you can see and record. PocketLab has the same features as lab equipment that costs thousands of dollars but is low cost and intuitive to use.

Open Data Kit app (ODK)–tested but not currently in use at LAS:

ODK cheat sheet (the most useful document for teachers!)

ODK student tutorial video

ODK student tutorial text

ODK complete description with lots of links

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