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Edible, but Ugly video from the New York Times
Le glacier des Diablerets a souffert de la canicule
Parmi les nombreuses conséquences du réchauffement climatique: la fonde des glaciers. Comme celui du Sex Rouge aux Diablerets. Ce dernier perd du volume chaque année. En résumé, son évolution dépend des précipitations en hiver et des températures en été. Et l’été dernier c’était la canicule. Le glacier a alors perdu quatre fois plus de masse qu’en 2014. Reportage à 3 000 mètres d’altitude avec deux amoureux de la montagne.

Turning Your Local Community Into Your Classroom
Crellin views the students’ local community as one of the primary resources for learning. They take any opportunity they can to use what’s around them as the catalyst for a lesson or project. Crellin promotes learning that is rooted in what is local — the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature, and art of their community. This is valuable because it makes learning relevant to students, resulting in higher engagement and igniting students’ passion for enacting change within the world around them.
Learn how Crellin uses place-based learning to ignite students’ passion and wonder in the world.
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At Citizen Cyberlab, we develop and study new forms of public participation in research. We initiate projects and organise events that encourage citizens and scientists to collaborate in new ways to solve big challenges.


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