LAS students and teachers resources

LETS Day in October

Click here to be taken to Google Sites for the LETS Day in October. Here you’ll find all details for organization, protocols, maps, etc for carrying out LETS Day. Please note that the current version of the LETS Day Google Site is a duplicate of last May’s Group 4 Project site (grade 11 IB). This is in the process of being edited for LETS Day in October (grades 7-10).

Checklist of tasks for LETS Day October 2016 (planning). Advance planning document for involved staff.

Drive folder of docs, sheets, and more for LETS Day Oct 2016.

MyObservatory Mobile app for data collection – how to use it.

iNaturalist mobile app for species identification – how to use it.

Packing List for Students for LETS Day

Tree ID guides: small, medium, large

Altitudes of LETS plots

Camera trap photos from LETS plots


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