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Adventure Science Middle School Course Overview

The following is the Course Overview for Adventure Science, to be offered at the Leysin American School during Spring Term 2018.

Adventure Science

Course Description:
Adventure is taking risks to pursue exciting, challenging experiences. Science is observing and understanding the natural world. Adventure science brings these together. You will climb trees to discover what lives high in their branches. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to shoot a rope over a high branch with a bow-and-arrow, then climb up the rope with special knots. (Don’t worry, it’s all safe.) You will build fires to measure the carbon content of different plants so you can estimate how much carbon is stored in a forest or meadow. You’ll search for wildlife trails in the forest so you can set camera traps to take pictures of animals. You’ll explore every square meter of our local forest and meadow looking for new species and recording when plants flower. You’ll also watch movies about extreme adventure science in high mountains, tropical tree canopies, and other challenging environments to experience the excitement of researching little-known worlds.

Key elements of the IB Learner Profile:

  • inquirers
  • risk takers

After completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how a forest is layered from the soil to the treetops;
  • Create a “web of life” diagram to explain forest ecology;
  • Design your own field experiments; and
  • Climb trees and hike safely through the forest.

You will find this course interesting because:

  • Much of the class takes place outside as Leysin is waking from snowy winter to warm spring;
  • You’ll get to climb trees (if you want to – it’s not required) and explore (required); and
  • You’ll discover how exciting field research can be.

Major skills practiced in this course that you can use beyond the scope of the course are:

  • Scientific observation;
  • Leadership and teamwork;
  • Safe hiking and adventure skills; and
  • Deeply understanding your local environment.

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