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Open Data Kit – Introduction to ODK with links

The Leysin American School will be using ODK to collect data in the field. Below is an introduction to ODK from its developers, followed by a series of links to various tutorials on building, aggregating, and visualizing data via the ODK suite. If you have any questions or discover something awry, please tell us right away.

Some of these links are to Google Docs that are only available to LAS users. If you’re not at LAS but are interested in one of these files, let us know and we’ll send it to you as a PDF.

Introduction from the ODK developers:

Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open-source suite of tools that helps organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. Our goals are to make open-source and standards-based tools which are easy to try, easy to use, easy to modify and easy to scale.

ODK’s core developers are researchers at the University of Washington’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering department and active members of Change, a multi-disciplinary group at UW exploring how technology can improve the lives of under-served populations around the world.

ODK began as a sponsored sabbatical project under the direction of Gaetano Borriello in April of 2008 at Google’s Seattle offices. Gaetano, Carl, Yaw and Waylon brought ODK back to UW in September of 2009 and Mitchell Sundt joined the team as a software engineer in 2010. Other contributors at UW include Brian DeRenzi, Rohit Chaudhri, Nicola Dell, and numerous undergraduates. ODK is funded by a Google Focused Research Award and through donations from users. ODK is supported by a growing community of developers, implementers and users.

ODK Tutorials for LAS:

The following are a mixture of tutorials developed by LAS (based on ODK’s material) and recommended tutorials direct from ODK. Please feel free to recommend additional tutorials you find helpful. And PLEASE report to us on any flaws you find. If you’re commenting in Google Docs, kindly start your comment with so that we’ll know right away that you’ve commented.

LAS Student Tutorial

LAS Admin Simplified Tutorial

LAS Student Tutorial (Video)

ODK General:

Getting Started with ODK

Mobile Data Collection Using ODK Collect

Manage your Data with ODK Aggregate

Visualize Field Data in Google Earth and Fusion Tables

Examples of ODK in the Field

Deployments Around the World

Jane Goodall foundation using ODK for citizen science (this one is especially good!)

Fusion Tables

As ODK puts it, Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables. Filter and summarize across hundreds of thousands of rows. Chart, map or export the information. Collaborate with other users by merging various tables, using public data or sharing your work with others using Google Drive.

Official Fusion Table Tutorials

Simple Fusion Table Overview + Tutorial

How to make an Intensity Map with Custom Boundaries

Marker Codes to customize data points on the Fusion Table Map


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