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Swissôtel Chicago Nature Nearby

Visit Swissotel Chicago on iNaturalist.

Discovering biodiversity inside Chicago

Just because you’re deep in the urban jungle doesn’t mean you can’t discover nature. Wander along the waterfront and through the parks surrounding Swissôtel Chicago recording the plants, insects, and birds that you see along the way. If you place your observations on iNaturalist, they’ll go into a worldwide databank of biodiversity that helps us to understand our world.

View species already observed in downtown Chicago on iNaturalist. Here you can see a guide to what’s already been discovered in the neighborhood. Add your observations to provide more data for a deeper understanding of urban ecology.

Visit the Swissôtel Chicago Nearby Nature Project on iNaturalist. Here you can join the project to share YOUR observations alongside those of other guests, staff, and friends of downtown Singapore.

Tips on How to use iNaturalist and to join a Swissôtel Nature Nearby Project.

Please enjoy these attractions near Swissôtel Chicago. The sights are within a brisk walk of your hotel. They will add joy and discovery to your visit. View the Vitality Guide map and miniguide here.

The map below is a draft of the coloring placemat. It is here only for reference until the final placemat has been prepared:

Draft of coloring side of placemat for Swissôtel Chicago.

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