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The videos below showcase citizen science and adventure at the Leysin American School. They’re also on the Alpine Institute’s YouTube Channel. Visit the complete LAS Alpine Institute YouTube Channel here.

Introducing the LAS Alpine Club (video by Quinten Grimm):

 The International Award presentation by a Silver Qualifying Journey in May 2018:

Introducing LETS Study Leysin – Citizen science at LAS (video by Andrei for the LAS Video Activity):

Video by a Bronze Qualifying Journey for the International Award, May 2018:

Join us on a practice Adventurous Journey for the International Award. This hike from Les Mosses to Leysin took place in October 2017:

The video below is a sample report from students who completed their Qualifying Journey for the International Award, in this case at the Silver level in May 2017.

The video below brings you along on LAS’s annual ascent of our iconic peak, the Dents du Midi. This climb took place in September 2017:

The video below features Martin Brocklehurst’s talk to LAS about the rise of citizen science in Europe. View our citizen science playlist by clicking the icon in the upper left:

More about citizen science:

Citizen Science is an innovative program for all first-year students at Bard College. Through three weeks of intensive study during January intersession, students develop a core understanding of both the conduct and the content of science. This foundation allows them as citizens to grapple with the ever-increasing number of national and global issues influenced by science.

Swiss National Forests Inventory video:

The teams from the Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) venture into even the most remote forests, measuring trees and analyzing the forest even from a bird’s eye view. The NFI provides information about the condition, development and functions of the forest in Switzerland. NFI data is used in research, the field, business, politics and other areas concerned with the sustainable management of valuable forest habitats.

Watch the short documentary about the Swiss National Forest Inventory (2010)
Duration 20 min Note: we often show just the first 10 minutes to our students at LAS.

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