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Visiting Scholars

Numerous prominent scientists have offered their generous intellectual support. We’re especially grateful to the LASER Visiting Scholars introduced below.

Chris Randin - P1010274 crop(1024x768)First among equals has been Dr. Chris Randin from the University of Lausanne and the Lausanne Botanical Garden. Dr. Randin is one of the leading experts in the botany of the pre-Alps of the Leysin region. He’s helped us with locating our LETS plots, identifying species, and setting up meaningful research topics. He’s also lectured twice to our students about why mountains matter scientifically. He invited us to a congress of Alpine Botanical Gardens and is advising us in setting up our own botanical garden of native species. He’ll be helping us establish “vertical ecology” (a.k.a. “extreme ecology”), where we combine adventure and science, such as searching for the highest trees on our local mountains. His LETS Day talk at LAS comprises the first half of this video.

Anne Delestrade with Patton + Leutenegger - P1120937(1024x768)

Anne Delestrade and Irene Alvarez from CREA, the Center for Alpine Ecosystem Research in nearby Chamonix, have helped us with ideas for student-citizen science programs and with following the protocols of Phenoclim, CREA’s phenology program. They’ve also lectured to our students on CREA, the mountain science they do, and why they’re scientists. Their LETS Day talk at LAS starts at 28:20 in this video.


Martin Brocklehurst - P1180710


Martin Brocklehurst, a co-founder of the European Citizen Science Association, is helping to integrate us into Europe’s exploding citizen science scene in exciting ways that we look forward to reporting on soon. He’s given two popular Library Lectures at LAS, including an introduction to ECSA that you can view here.



Mauro Fischer - P1180876


Mauro Fischer, a PhD candidate in glaciology at the University of Fribourg, studies the glaciers of our nearby Les Diablerets peak. He is helping us to devise a glacier research program that will involve all of LAS, including the Summer In Switzerland program. We can reach glaciers on Les Diablerets by ski lift within an hour of school.

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