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Lectures by Visiting Scholars

Welcome to guest lectures to the Alpine Institute by select LASER Visiting Scholars. Please enjoy their complete presentations in the videos below. You’ll find their slide decks here when available.

Before launching into the field on 2 October 2015, students from grades 8-10 first watched these talks by LAS visiting scholars. The idea was to inspire the students for the citizen science they were about to undertake. The video opens with John Harlin introducing Dr. Christophe Randin, who speaks on the importance of studying mountain ecosystems. Next came Anne Delestrade and Irene Alvarez, who told stories about their research and described what it means to be a scientist. To view Dr. Randin’s Powerpoint slides, click here.

Martin Brocklehurst describes the rapid rise of citizen science in Europe and hints at where it’s going in the near future. He’s introduced by Dr. Marc-Frederic Ott at an LAS Library Lecture on 23 November 2015. To view Mr. Brocklehurst’s slides, click here.

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